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Bloom offer services for all-things-marketing. We provide a full mix of integrated marketing services ranging from strategic marketing plans to managing creative communications campaigns that will generate impact and buzz through both traditional and digital media channels.

As specialists in marketing management, we can help you identify your target audiences, devise the perfect marketing mix for your organisation and execute the ultimate set of creative communications to get your target message across with precision.

Marketing Strategy


Good plans shape good decisions. A good marketing plan may make the difference between winning that important bank loan or government grant and not. Planning is an essential marketing activity that will help you organise the long-term vision and direction of your business and to help you stay ahead of your competitors. We can help unite your team behind common goals and objectives that will help you drive efficient and successful output. We can work with you to devise and develop anything from a 5-year strategic marketing plan, to a short-term operational plan for your marketing projects or communications campaigns.


Knowledge is power. Good quality research and information has never been more important in the knowledge economy and in shaping business decisions. We can produce helpful and insightful research and information reports for your decision making. We can help with: - Marketing Research by collecting, analysing and communicating valuable insight to identify business opportunities and/or threats. - Market Research, looking into your markets and your customer groups, gathering insightful statistics, opinions, feedback and opportunities to inform your important business decision making.


Effective analysis is vital to understanding your past performance and planning the future success of your business. It helps you to fully understand your market, your customers, the products and services they want and your competition. Analysis can help you to identify potential risks to your business and find lucrative new opportunities. We can compile reports to include: - Marketing Audit - Competitor Analysis - Industry & PEST Analysis - Organisational & SWOT Analysis

Creative Communications

We can help you to devise, co-ordinate and distribute the perfect communications mix for your campaign, combining the optimum balance of online and offline media to best reach your target audience. Our creative specialists can then generate the visuals and content to transmit your message with impact.


Email Marketing - Websites - Social Media - Online PR & News - Online Advertising - Online Selling & E-Commerce - Mobile Marketing


Advertising & Sponsorship - Direct Marketing - Sales Promotion - PR & News - Events

Creative Services

We will carefully craft your creative content, both for your online and offline publications, to co-ordinate and strengthen your brand communications. Our creative content is guaranteed to grab attention, generate interest, create a desire and most importantly initiate a response...


Copywriting - Web Writing with SEO - Proofreading - Copy-Editing


Graphic Design - Photography & Imaging - Picture Research


Web Design - Web Development - Web Content Management

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