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New Website Launch
Welcome to our new website, carefully designed with you in mind. We hope you like the look, feel and navigation of the site and welcome any feedback, particularly if there is something you would like to see on our site which isn't currently here.

The Butterfly Effect
Bloom Marketing are now proud sponsors of the UK environment charity Butterfly Conservation UK who work to protect butterflies, moths and their endangered habitats.

"We were really shocked to discover that butterflies are Britain's most threatened wildlife group," said Bloom Marketing Director, Georgina Garside. "The butterfly is our company emblem and symbolises business growth, transformation and change that won't compromise or impact negatively on our environment. We hope to give something back by supporting the important work of our local Butterfly Conservation branch."

To help secure the future of British butterflies and ensure that they remain a part of our British summertime, you can become a member at http://www.butterfly-conservation.org/

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