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About Us - Bloom Marketing

Bloom Marketing are a full service strategic marketing consultancy based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, offering expert support and assistance for your integrated marketing campaigns.

We work creatively and collaboratively with our pool of media and marketing specialists, matching our people and their skills to your business project. We offer a complete mix of marketing services and can help you with everything from research, planning and strategy right through to implementing and launching an integrated campaign complete with photography, graphic design, print production, web design, advertising, sponsorship, pr, events, direct mail, email, and social media. We can also assist you with measuring, monitoring and evaluating your campaigns to maximise success and ROI.

We are a flexible and affordable marketing option, available to work with you on a short-term project-by-project basis or in the long-term as a committed business partner. We can bridge your resource gaps, support you over busy periods, assist you with a particular project or be your outsourced marketing department.

So what is marketing?
Marketing plays a crucial role in almost every industry sector and type of business. In its simplest form, marketing puts your customers at the centre of your business decisions and activities. Adopting a marketing focus will ensure that your business responds effectively to the wants and needs of your customers and this will help you to maximise your company's profits.
Contrary to popular belief marketing is not just about glossy leaflets or an eye catching poster. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) define marketing as "a management process which identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements efficiently and profitably." It is a much broader business function than simply producing promotional literature or placing an ad. As such, it is a dynamic and rapidly evolving business science. It is a multi-disciplined profession combining business strategy with tactical business operations.

Why use a Bloom professional to market your organisation?
Our work can vary enormously, but will always have identifying, anticipating and satisfying your customers' requirements efficiently and profitably as our central objective. We will start by really getting to know and understand your business with a thorough analysis of your operations, your market and your competitors. This enables us to advise you of the methods in which you can create competitive advantage through differentiation, targeting and positioning strategies whilst also finding new market opportunities for business growth. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your existing marketing mix by looking at:

1. your products and services
2. your pricing
3. your methods of promotion
4. your places of distribution
5. your people
6. your processes
7. your physical business environment

Our analysis will reveal how well you are matching your customer requirements, how competitive you are in the market place, how you might improve your performance, find new opportunities for growing and developing your business, and ultimately increase your profitability and shareholder value.

Our typical work for clients includes:

- monitoring and analysing market trends
- studying competitor products, services, prices and strategies
- conducting market research through surveys and focus groups
- exploring ways of improving existing products and services
- identifying target markets and developing strategies to communicate with them
- preparing and managing marketing plans and budgets
- managing the production of promotional material
- executing communications campaigns
- liaising with other departments such as sales, production and distribution
- producing reports to monitor results
- presenting findings and recommendations to company directors or other senior managers
- organising trade shows, conferences, sales meetings and events
- supporting, managing and developing a marketing team

An integrated marketing communications campaign for the launch of a new business or new product might include a mix of all, or some, of the following:

- a new website, a web landing page or micro-site
- a new brochure, leaflet or flyer promoting the product / new website
- some direct marketing - email, e-shots, direct mail or telesales to a customer database to raise awareness and/or incentivise a purchase
- customer research - a pre-launch survey or focus group to inform campaign communications
- some public relations - a press release to local or trade media, a conference, an exhibition, an event or a launch party
- branding, creative concepts, design and copy for packaging and brand communications
- sales promotion - an offer of a free sample or a special introductory price to incentivise trial and purchase
- social media - to engage with followers, create dialogue, develop loyalty, drive web traffic and build pre-launch "buzz"
- advertising - ads in local, trade or online media to build brand awareness, recognition and drive online traffic

Planning and executing an integrated campaign often involves working alongside a wide range of people, both internal staff in other departments and external agencies such as designers and copywriters. Bloom consultants can manage this complex process on your behalf, using our expert team and network of trusted suppliers. We will negotiate the very best rates and terms for you, saving you valuable time, money and hassle.

Why hire a Chartered Marketer?
Recruiting a Bloom consultant means you are getting a highly competent, professionally trained, senior marketer. This means you can be confident your marketing projects and budgets are in safe and experienced hands. We talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk, ensuring that your campaigns will be efficiently managed and delivered on time and to budget, saving you time, money and stress.
Bloom marketers:

- have appropriate industry skills, qualifications and experience - e.g. ACIM, MCIM & Chartered Marketer
- can demonstrate skilled application of a wide range of marketing techniques and concepts
- are excellent communicators
- are able to work collaboratively
- are able to respond well to pressure and work to tight deadlines and budgets
- will think creatively
- are interested in what motivates people
- undertake continuous professional development (CPD) and are committed to their profession holding membership of relevant industry bodies such as CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) where they are kept up-to-date with the latest industry news, developments and emerging trends in marketing.

Chartered Marketer status is awarded to Fellows and Members of The Chartered Institute of Marketing as a sign of being an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional. The designation, "Chartered Marketer" is awarded exclusively by the CIM and is marketing's highest grade in recognition of outstanding practical experience and expertise. When hiring a marketer, look out for the red Chartered Marketer logo or check the CIM Chartered Marketer Directory for qualified professionals.

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